There is only one thing that makes a dream impossible to achieve: the fear of failure.
— — Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Hey tribe!

Alyx here, I wanted this to be informal, and talk to you as if we’re already BFF’s.

I started on this nutrition journey, like most, when I drank the “CrossFit Koolaid” in 2011. I knew I had a few pounds to lose and everyone in the gym was doing a diet called “paleo”. Naturally, I jumped into a challenge head first and the rest is history…

Just kidding, that would be a really boring story.

Along the way I learned a lot. The strict Paleo thing wasn’t for me. In fact, I had some hormonal side effects from eating too much protein and not enough carbs. I had to give up being “strict paleo” and go back to the drawing board. A few years passed and I still struggled with getting my ideal 6 pack. No matter the amount of training I did, I just couldn’t out work my diet.

In 2014, I became pregnant with my first daughter, and I was terrified of the weight gain that came with pregnancy. So I started looking into diets that could ensure that I grew a healthy baby, but kept a healthy weight gain at the same time. This is when I came across the Zone Diet. I successfully delivered a healthy 7lb 12oz baby, while only gaining 28 total pounds. Mission accomplished!

Since then, I coached many friends and family with Zone nutrition plans, what I found along the way, was it was still a BIG change for people and they were not able to sustain it, including myself. I wanted and needed something that could work in my busy mom life AND give me that 6 pack I desperately wanted.

That is when I came across Macronutrients. I researched and studied and tried all different types of ways to apply it to my life, and my nutrition clients lives.

In 2017 I became pregnant with baby number 2! This was the test I wanted. I started doing macros and tracking my food. With consistently working out 2-3 days a week, and staying somewhat consistent with tracking my Macros, I grew a healthy 7lb 8oz baby girl, with a total of 29lbs of weight gain.

After my 2nd child was born I was able to lose all the baby weight and got in BETTER shape than I had ever been in before. With counting macronutrients I finally got that dream 6 pack!

Guess what!? My life is B-U-S-Y! I’m a single mom of 2, a full time student, a CrossFit coach at Wine Country CrossFit, and a full time Dream Chaser. Just like so many of you! Yet I was still able to sustain this diet, not feel deprived, and eat tacos almost everyday of the week.

That’s when I realized I NEEDED to share this nutrition coaching system with the world!

I have great news for you. I am teaching you my EXACT process that took me 7 years, 2 pregnancies, pounds of bland flavorless chicken, mounds of stinky left over vegetables and lots and lots of over training, to finally figure out the most simple, easy, perfect process to reach any persons dream goals!

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Thanks for reading,

Coach Alyx

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