Starting your weight loss journey can be very difficult and lonely, and you’ve likely already tried several times.

Maybe you’re at the point where you feel like you will never reach your fitness goals?

Maybe you feel like you need some extra support, but you’re not sure where to turn?

Or maybe you feel lost because no one around you is doing what you’re trying to do?

Well, seeing as it’s National Women’s Month, we here at House Macros, wanted to create something that would not just encourage women to start their fitness journey, but also promote the celebration of women lifting other women up!

For too long now women have been taught to compete with one another. We’ve been told to fear other women who are prettier, skinnier, more confident than us. We’ve been told to “watch our backs” because women are “catty” and love to “gossip”. And while you may have personally experienced this before, it certainly doesn’t mean ALL women are like that.

In fact, women lifting other women can be extremely inspiring, even if you’re the one doing the lifting!

It feels really good to help another female achieve her goals. It feels amazing to watch someone else’s face light up with hope after you’ve pushed her to keep going just when she wanted to give up.

And it feels just as good to be on the receiving end of encouragement, too (obvi!).

So what better time to create an offer at House Macros that will not only increase your odds of reaching your own personal goals, but also gives you and other women the opportunity to help one another along the way?

Having someone there with you while you try to do something you’ve never done before can be a game changer!

You have someone to encourage you when you don’t feel like putting in the work, you have more fun doing the things you don’t want to do because your buddy is there doing it with you, and the success will be that much sweeter when you BOTH hit your goals! AND you’ll have someone else to celebrate with!

So for this month only we are offering, “T♀gether We Rise”, which includes 2 Brick-By-Brick Nutrition Programs ($600 value) for the price of 2 Blueprints ($394 value)!

Brick-By-Brick is our customized macronutrient coaching package that gives you weekly access to one of our coaches (Alyx, Jaymie or April) customized macros, weekly food audits, and two one on one coaching calls over an 8 week period. Plus delicious recipes that fit your macro goals, meal prep and mindset tips, and a tight-knit community in our private Facebook group!

It’s the perfect jumpstart to your weight loss journey, and with a loved one participating with you, you’re sure to not only reach your goals, but enjoy every step of the process!

So don’t wait! Contact us for more details or click the link below and enter the PROMO Code TWRISE! Be sure to list your partner’s name in the comments!

Come check out our next blog- posted every Tuesday and Thursday!

See you soon!

-House Macros


April FirestoneComment