It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.
— Confucius

Hey guys Jaymie here,

Oh, where to start, my journey has been so long and I’ve learned so much. Growing up I never lived a life of “health and fitness” so to speak. So, when I joined the Marine Corps in 2008 my world drastically changed, I went from skinny fat to just skinny.

In 2010 I learned what depression was through personal experience. I was in a very toxic marriage, and well long story short I gained A LOT of weight. I went from being in the best shape of my life at the time weighing 160lbs to 200lbs.

Then in 2011 by the grace of God, I was deployed to Afghanistan for the 2nd time. I was very blessed to have two amazing women in charge of me that pushed me to succeed in my weight loss journey. One of them was an IBF Pro and gave me all the tools I needed (workout & nutrition) coaching daily. In 6 months, I dropped all the weight and managed to get myself a six pack. Well anyone that is in the military knows that sustaining gains post-deployment is unrealistic.

So, in 2012 when I returned home from deployment newly divorced and free of depression, I decided to join a Crossfit gym to keep this new-found confidence and body I worked oh so hard to get. And guess what guys I did, I managed to maintain it.

Well, that was until I meet my amazing husband and got pregnant in 2013. I continued to do CrossFit through my entire pregnancy until I gave birth. This is actually when I first meet coach Alyx. After I gave birth to my first child, I knew I needed help, I needed accountability, and someone to push me. So, what did I do? I knew at the time Alyx owned her own CrossFit training business and coached people and I knew I wanted to be coached by her. So, I showed up on coach Alyx’s door, baby in hand and all. You may be laughing but it’s honest to god the truth. She got me back to pre-pregnancy weight within 3 months. This is when I learned about Whole30 and Paleo. And let me tell you I was crushing it, it worked so well for my body but just like every other diet I tried it didn’t last. It wasn’t a realistic lifestyle for me and my new family at the time.

Then 6 months post-baby a thing happened. Yup, you guessed it this mama got pregnant again in 2015. Pregnancy two was great, I continued doing CrossFit through the entire pregnancy just like the first. But after the birth was a completely different story. I was diagnosed with postpartum depression and my health and fitness went south. I never fully recovered or bounced back. The next two years I struggled with losing the weight, yoyoing. I tried whole30, paleo, Keto, I even hired a figure competing coach and nothing stuck past the expiration date. I then was being threatened to be placed on the body composition program through the Marine’s and that wasn’t a good thing. So, I resorted to starving myself and doing excessive amounts of cardio and sauna sessions. If there was a quick weight loss trick, I tried it.

December 2017 I was honorably discharged from the Marines by choice. But this choice was a hard pill to swallow, I spiraled down into a dark depression hole of not caring about my body anymore. We then moved to Alaska, I battling depression and PTSD for over a year. I won’t get into all the details but after going to therapy I started to see the up and up. I then decided to take action and get back to the Jaymie I knew God made me to be.

How did I stumble across Macros you may ask? Well my husband actually, he basically said hey babe do some research on Macros and see what it's all about. Little did he know he sent me on a quest that literally saved my life. (BEST HUSBAND EVER) I then realized I had hundreds of women asking me how I was losing so much weight and drastically changing my body. So, I took action, I hoped on Facebook and went live explaining what I knew about Macros on a mission to change as many lives as possible just as it has changed mine.

Then lone behold Coach Alyx happened to stumble upon my Live video. She contacted me offering me a spot on her team. And now here I am with her paving the way to change lives forever.  I’m so excited to be a part of this mission, and to share my journey with all of you. Let’s get started!!!

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Thanks for reading,

Coach Jaymie

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